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Microfinance Investment Funds Management

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Full Description

Triple Jump is a microfinance fund manager and technical assistance provider based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. As a fund manager, we link western capital markets to the (micro) finance sector in developing countries. Our goal is to help your MFI make the jump to the next phase of its development, helping you increase your level of efficiency as well as your outreach, without losing sight of your social objectives.

Triple Jump currently manages four microfinance portfolios, each with a different profile:
– ASN-Novib (separate listing on the MixMarket)
– Oxfam Novib Fund (separate listing on the MixMarket)
– SNS Institutional Microfinance Fund (sub-advisor)
– Calvert Social Investment Foundation MicroPlace Fund (sub-advisor0. Triple Jump works with MFIs which are committed to reducing poverty in their society, reaching low-income and vulnerable groups, particularly women, respecting society and the environment, and achieving maximum efficiency, financial sustainability and outreach. Triple Jump Advisory Services
Triple Jump Advisory Services is a long-term technical assistance provider focusing support on Tier 3 partners.

We provide cost-sharing grants and consulting services to ensure the long term success of projects through required phases.Triple Jump Advisory Services specializes in the following critical business areas frequently identified as bottlenecks to growth and sustainability :
– Management Information Systems (MIS)/ Mobile Banking
– Governance/Internal Controls
– Product Development



Nachtwachtlaan 20, 6th floor Amsterdam 1058EA Netherlands

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