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Spigt Litigators

Spigt Litigators is the most effective litigation firm in the Netherlands.

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Full Description

We are litigation lawyers to the core and specialise in complex cases. Independent and incredibly committed to our clients, we know what is needed in the heat of the battle. Sometimes this means hard and fast litigation, sometimes strategic advising and maneuvering. We persevere for as long as it takes to find a resolution, but always with an eye on the legal content and the objective of the client.

Spigt Litigators lawyers are specialised in the following fields:

Corporate litigation concerns legal disputes in which corporations (and their bodies such as management, supervisory board, and works council) as well as shareholders are involved.

Spigt Litigators acts for clients who are suspected of financial offences including insider trading, tax fraud, environmental offences, licencing problems or property fraud.

The financial markets are fluctuating enormously and this also applies to regulations. The regulations and therefore the necessary knowledge surrounding the field of financial law are becoming ever more complex and this can have a substantial impact on the choices that clients are confronted with. MORE

Commercial success has a price and that price is called tax. Our expertise ensures that this tax is as low as possible. Spigt Litigators advises and litigates about practically integrated solutions to achieve this. Both nationally and internationally.

The government plays an important role in almost every sphere of society. Businesses and private individuals are confronted with countless rules. Many sectors of business, such as telecommunications and post, transport, energy, the financial sector, healthcare and the gambling sector, are heavily regulated.

The Supreme Court is the highest Dutch court in civil-law proceedings. In cassation proceedings, the Supreme Court can overturn the judgment of a lower court (usually a Court of Appeal) if this judgment is based on misapplication of the law or incomprehensible or insufficient reasoning.




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