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Mazars is not simply an accountants office.

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Full Description

A staff of 700 in the Netherlands provide services in the fields of accountancy, tax advice, and management consultancy, and every day make a difference for their clients. When necessary, they work together with the international Mazars group.

Mazars is not simply an accountants office. Providing services in the fields of accountancy, tax advice, and management consultancy, Mazars is an office that dares to explore untread paths in order to help clients to achieve their objectives. With a staff of 700 and 10 offices across the country, we are among the top 10 in the branch in the Netherlands. We form part of the Mazars groep, which is one of the European market leaders in the field of accountancy. This international focus also makes it possible for us to provide the highest quality and reliability when serving major corporate organisations.

Of course, size isn't everything. You need creativity, curiosity, and empathy. These qualities are in the genes of our professionals, and ensure that they can provide you, our client, with tailored solutions. We do not reason primarily from the standard methods or requirements of regulations and legislation, but start our thinking with the challenge facing our clients, and only then do we consider how this fits within the existing framework of regulations and legislation.

We offer a wide range of services:

Audit & assessment of the annual accounts
In close consultation with our clients, we compose an integrated 'risk and controls' based approach, based on opportunities, challenges, developments and risks. In this process, we focus on identifying potential risks and on the manner in which you deal with these risks.

Financial report
Financial reporting keeps developing rapidly, while accounting itself is becoming more and more complex, particularly now that many subjects are laid down in laws and regulations.

IT Audit
IT systems are employed to support business processes, process information and organise the administration, and the measures of internal audit are often contained in IT systems as well. Naturally, this means that IT systems have to be audited as well.

Risk Management
Malfunctioning management systems and imperfections in the administrative organisation are a risk to business operations. Based on its administrative liability for business operations, management may decide to ask an expert for an assessment and advice.

Compilation engagements
Only medium-sized and large companies and organisations are legally obliged to have their annual accounts audited by an accountant.

Administrative services
Your administration and the processes involved in it are essential for your company to adapt, grow and remain healthy. Without a trustworthy administration, you do not have a clear insight into your financial situation and are at risk of not making the right choices in managing your company.

Online accountancy
As an entrepreneur you prefer to focus your valuable time and energy on the right aspects – on doing business, yet you also realise the necessity for a reliable and up-to-date administration. Mazars’ online bookkeeping offers you tailored convenience and removes your worries.

Business analyses and advice
An independent expert’s objective view on your company can truly clarify matters. Where is the strength of your organisation, where are the possible problems and points of improvement, what are the options for the future?

Tax returns
Eventually all relevant information needs to appear on a tax return. This may concern income tax, corporation tax, dividend tax, gift tax, inheritance tax, to name but a few.

Fiscal-legal proceedings
The fiscal arena is becoming more bureaucratic and formal, both in terms of the statutory provisions and in the attitude of the civil servants who work for the Tax Authorities.

Indirect Tax
Do you want to ensure that you make optimum use of VAT and customs legislation, while not running any unnecessary risks? The specialists of the Mazars VAT and Customs Group will be happy to help.

Employment Tax Services
Legislation in the field of taxes and social-security contributions is in constant flux, and during the last few years this has been accompanied by social uncertainty. You can avoid many problems by actively responding to new developments and by ensuring you comply with the rules.

Estate planning
Mazars Estate Planning believes tailored work to be evident. Our integral approach means that we keep an eye on the relevant financial parties, tax structures, international issues, and the continuous changes in legislation and regulations. If required, we help to clarify your financial and tax position by providing you with practical information about the development of your capital or by providing services in adjoining areas.

Chain Liability
Companies who hire subcontractors or temporary workers can be confronted with a liability for Dutch wage tax and social security contributions. This liability occurs when the subcontractor or the employment agency cannot pay its tax and social security debts, often as result of bankruptcy.

Horizontal supervision
For several years, the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration has been reaching agreements with entrepreneurs on such matters as the manner and timing of the submission of information and the quality of that information.

Transfer pricing
Transfer Pricing is the price-fixing of, in particular, cross-border transactions within a multinational enterprise.

Expat Services
Cross border employment typically has may specific points of attention and pitfalls. The Mazars Expat Desk advises multinational companies on all tax and social security aspects of cross border employment.

IT audit
IT systems that do not function properly constitute a risk to your business management. In view of a director’s responsibility for business management, management may decide to ask an independent expert for assessment and advice.

Privacy protection
Organisations must deal carefully with the personal data of customers, clients, patients and citizens. Privacy protection should be a regular agenda item to management, directors and Board of Commissioners. But how do you cope with the multitude of privacy legislation and regulations? And how do you know whether you comply? Mazars operates the starting principle that there must be a good balance between privacy protection and organisational interests. You must be certain that this is also an investment in your organisation.

IT Consultancy
We advise management on automation issues, and in this we are completely independent of hardware or software suppliers. We focus on policy, information planning, management information, system architecture and optimisation, investment and organisation plans.

Policy & organisation
We act as management consultants during policy and/or organisational development. This concerns e.g. business strategy, business plans, organisation and management structure, financial engineering, planning, change management, and change projects.

Due Diligence
At Mazars we assist you with acquisition due diligence and vendor due diligence.

Corporate Finance
At Mazars, we manage your financial transactions. Mazars corporate finance advisers guide your financial transaction to a successful outcome.

Business Restructuring
At Mazars we help you with your business restructuring issues. If you find that your business is struggling, you will want to get to grips with any operational issues and get back to making a profit. Your business may need some restructuring, whether by improving your organizational structure or making internal operations more efficient.




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