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CONFIDERI Advisory Group

CONFIDERI Advisory Group

CONFIDERI — the art of being the best proxy.

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Full Description

Our mission is to design the most appropriate solution for each of our Clients while seeking the safest and most effective means to do so. We use an integrated approach to corporate, legal, tax, and financial issues, all within one organization. We deliver confidence, assurance and above all, freedom.

Confideri provides a wide range of services:

– Project Team for Investment and Business Projects in Europe and Asia
– Multi-Family Office — Full Range of Services on Wealth management
– Entering the International Capital Markets
– Project Team for Personal and Family Projects in Europe and Asia
– Complex Support for Projects and Business Day-To-Day Issues
– Tax Planning for Personal and Business Operations in Various Countries
– Accounting / Bookkeeping and Tax Filings
– Holding and Personal Companies, Personal Holding Mechanisms
– Template Contracts and Agreements, Their Accordance with Financial and Tax Tasks
– Bank Accounts and Brokerage Accounts Abroad
– Deal Support and Deal Closing
– Tax and Legal Due Diligence Prior to Sell Off / Acquisition of Business
– Commercial and Residential Property Management in Russia and Abroad
– Corporate Restructuring
– Financial Planning and Administration
– Bank Financing
– Investment Advisory
– Real Estate
– Executive Business Assistant
– Litigation
– Business Immigration, Education, Medical Treatment Abroad





719 Jan Evertsenstraat Amsterdam, 1061 XZ