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Capita Fiduciary Group

Capita Fiduciary Group

Has a license to provide trust services and is supervised by the Dutch Central Bank.

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Full Description

As one of Europe’s most important political and economic centres, The Netherlands has been a successful international trading nation for many years.

With an experienced team of multilingual professionals, our office in Amsterdam provides management and support services for many different corporate and private client structures – including finance and holding companies, co-ops and special purpose vehicles.

Our services include:

Management and domiciliation
• Provision of registered office address
• Provision of a Managing Director (either personal and/or corporate)

Company secretarial
• Preparing and filing of legally required publications
• Maintaining corporate registers
• Organising shareholder and board meetings
• Issuing and drafting corporate documents
• Handling of day-to-day correspondence
• Licensing services – exploitation of industrial/ intellectual property rights

Accounting and reporting
• Maintaining accounting records
• Preparing interim accounts and reports
• Preparing financial statements in accordance with Dutch GAAP or IFRS
• Consolidation services
• Filing of VAT returns

• Reviewing the Deed of Incorporation
• Opening of bank account(s)
• Liaising with a notary for the incorporation
• Liaising with a tax lawyer on specific legal and tax matters

Fund administration
• Administration of investment funds and other collective investment sources
• Pre-audit and preparation of financial statements
• Provision of monthly, quarterly and interim financial reports

• Acting as liquidator / proxy holder of liquidator
• Preparing all registration and de-registration documentation
• Co-ordinating legal formalities such as publication in a nationally distributed newspaper
• Obtaining the necessary declaration from the District Co


Paasheuvelweg 16 1105 BH Amsterdam The Netherlands

Telephone Number:

+31 (0) 20 56 46 160