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Full Description

Our people are the key to our long standing relationships: experienced, responsive, resourceful, committed, enthusiastic, and at the same time likeable and ethical. Our collective expertise, together with our commitment to innovation, enables us to understand and evaluate opportunities as they emerge, wherever they emerge; providing an ever-increasing range of tailored services and solutions to meet changing market conditions and specific client expectations.

Private Clients
ATC is widely recognised as one of the industry’s leading trust companies; we have been offering high quality services for more than 115 years. Our Private Client team focuses on the formation, management and administration of trusts, foundations and companies for high net worth individuals, institutions and family offices.

Corporate Services
ATC Corporate Services offers domiciliation, management, bookkeeping and legal & compliance services to a wide range of clients, working with their professional advisers to form, administer and manage innovative structures that are tailored to accommodate each client’s needs and aspirations.

Each client is assisted by a team of highly experienced and responsive professionals with legal, tax and accounting backgrounds. The value we place on long-standing relationships is evidenced by the number of our clients who have been assisted by the same team since their assocation with ATC first began.

Institutional Services
Our Institutional Services clients turn to ATC for assistance across three service offerings: Capital Markets and Depositary Services. Those clients include a large number of major financial institutions across Europe, as well as alternative investment fund, private equity fund and real estate fund managers from across the globe.


Olympic Plaza, Fred. Roeskestraat 123, 1076 EE, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Telephone Number:

+31 (0)20 577 1177